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Finding the right professionals to work on your project or business has never been easy or cheap until now. You are free to post as many projects as you want, totally free. Post your project, choose the bid, and get that work done. You can manage the project easily using our tools and maintain timecards FREE.

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Finally a freelancer friendly website. Register today for free in as many categories as you want. Bid on as many as you want. Wonderful useful tools are getting added almost daily. Ask your current webmasters to post their projects here.

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Escrow Payment

Escrow  is the place where funds are accepted from the buyer and holds them in trust until the buyer and seller agree that the project as been done successfully as per initial project description.

Buyer : Your money Is protected since the seller is not paid until the project ends.

Seller: Your are protected since Kasai holds the money, you don't work for free.


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